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Camporee April 24th

Sign Up for the Spring Camporee at Wizard Ranch in Hellam Township.  The theme is US military history.  It will be an exciting weekend full of fun and learning about the history of our military. We will be there the weekend of April 24-26.  We will be sleeping in tents. The cost is $10.  This does not include what you are paying your grubmaster for food.

As usual, we will be arriving at the church by 5 and leave by 5:30pm. Can’t sign-up online? Then sign-up at a Troop meeting or email the Scout-In-Charge, One – T and Mr. McFadden by April 12th Troop Meeting! Any questions, ask the Scout -In-Charge or your Patrol Leader.

-One T


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Justin’s Eagle Project

Here is the link to Justin’s Eagle Project if you want to sign up, send an email to Mr. McFadden letting him know the date you will be helping.

Justin’s Eagle Project

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The Climbnasium

Climbnasium invite


Hello Troop 5! Do you like to climb?  Well we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Saturday, March 28th, at the Mechanicsburg Climbnasium, we are meeting to have a super fun day of rock wall climbing!  We will be meeting there at 8:45 in the morning for a 9-1 time slot, however, you may leave when you see fit.

The price of admission is $24, but if you’re coming to only belay, it’s free.  The committee has decided that if you bring a friend eligible to join the troop, they will pay for both you and your friend.  If you don’t bring a friend, the admission comes out of your own pocket.  Please include a message when you sign up on the troop website if you are bringing a friend, and who your friend is!

The Climbnasium does NOT supply belayers, so please include in your message if you have a parent willing to do that!  Any adults (you must be 18 or older) belaying must have a small session of training that is included in our time slot.


Make sure to bring your own water and dress in sweatpants or shorts for climbing.  Also wear comfortable shoes, such as sneakers.  We will not be eating lunch there, so please eat a breakfast before you come and then you will go home for lunch.

VERY IMPORTANT:  On the Climbnasium’s website there is a waiver that your parents must sign for you to be able to climb.  You will not get in the door without it!  Here’s a link to the page:

Hope to see you all there for a fun day!

Can’t sign-up online? Then sign-up at a Troop meeting or email Mr. McFadden!

-The Doctor


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Snow Camp




What?             SNOW CAMP with or without SNOW!


Why?               Because why not.


When?             Friday, March 6th to Sunday, March 8th


Arrive at the Carlisle United Methodist Church at 5pm to load the trailer for a 5:30 pm SHARP departure. We will return about 1pm Sunday.


Where?            Tuckahoe Camp, Dillsburg


How?              By Patrol, of course.


Deadline to sign up is Sunday February 22nd 4pm at the Troop Meeting.



BE PREPARED with all your COLD WEATHER GEAR! Cooking by Patrols. Tent / Hammock camping. The Campout is free, pay your grubmaster for food.






*If you cannot signup online, just email Mr. McFadden and the SPL and tell them that you want to go.

-The Doctor

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Klondike Derby Rescheduled – UPDATED

What?             Klondike Derby at Hidden Valley!

Who?               Only the five scouts that are signed up already, plus the 1st 4 that contact the SPL and pay $10 by the next troop meeting.

Why?               It is what Scouts do in the Winter!

When?             Saturday, March 21st

Arrive at the Carlisle United Methodist Church at 7am to load the vehicles and leave by 7:15 am SHARP. We will return about 4-5pm Saturday.

Where?            Hidden Valley

How?              The Purple Death Wagon…

Get ready to have fun! BE PREPARED with your COLD WEATHER GEAR! Practice your Klondike Skills, have a cheer ready to go. The event is $10 unless you bring a scout aged friend, then it is free for both of you. Lunch is made by Mr. Tenny and Mr. Rentze. Bring a water bottle and all the materials for the sled!!! Sasquatch is the Klondike Patrol leader in charge.

Note: If you were previously attending, please confirm that you are still interested and available.  If you were not able to make the February date, but would like to come in March, please advise Sasquatch.

-The Doctor


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Troop 5 Sub Sale


The Winter Fundraiser, Troop 5’s Subs and Pretzel Sandwiches Sale for 2015 is underway! Please download an order form and start raising funds to support our 2015 program! Every scout should try to sell at least 10 subs this year. Remember to follow these safety guidelines: You should only be approaching family and friends about this fundraiser and you should always have a buddy or parent with you, always. Orders and payment, are due on or before the Sunday Troop Meeting on Feb 22. (Please make any checks payable to Carlisle BSA – Troop 5) Subs will be delivered on Sunday, March 1 from 3-4:30 during the Troop Meeting. Start selling now!

Get the form HERE   2015 sub form

-The Doctor

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Scout Sunday

What? Scout Sunday!

When? February 1st from 7:15AM – 9:30AM

Where? Carlisle United Methodist Church

Dress Code? Full Field Uniform — NO BLUE JEANS — NO ACTIVITY SHIRTS Wear your Merit Badge sash as well!

Scout in Charge? Matt K. / Ferno A scout is reverent… and what better time to show that than at Scout Sunday on February 1st! Scout Sunday is one of the most important events our troop does each year.

Why?  It is the one time that we are able to thank the church and show our appreciation for allowing us to use their space.

More on where it is: We are going to meet at the Gathering Area at 7:15 (enter through the main church doors; it is the room next to the Sanctuary). Practice will start at 7:30AM and during that time we will get a feel for what we are going to do during the service. Before the service we are going to greet people at the door. During the 8:15AM service we are going to do a Flag Ceremony, usher, and the pastor will interview the new SPL. We need four volunteers for the Flag Ceremony, so if you are interested in taking part in that, email Matt K. at . See you at Scout Sunday where we will enjoy a morning together while showing Carlisle United Methodist Church our appreciation for them.

Sign up online:

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Electronics Camp

What?             ELECTONICS CAMP!


Why?               It is our reward for keeping video games and other i-pads and i-stuff at home the rest of the year on outings.


When?             Friday, January 16th to Sunday, January 18th


Arrive at the Carlisle United Methodist Church at 5pm to load the trailer for a 5:30 pm SHARP departure. We will return about 1pm Sunday.


Where?            Hidden Valley at the Staff Cabins


How?                   Here!


Get ready to have fun!  Electronics camp is coming up soon on January 16th.  We will be staying at the staff cabins at Hidden Valley again this year.  We have the Staff Cabins to sleep (it’s not outlawed to tent or hammock though!). But, BE PREPARED with all your COLD WEATHER GEAR! We will be outside to cook, eat, campfire, Klondike Skills, Sunday Service, advancement, etc. The Campout is free; pay your grubmaster for food. We are cooking by Patrol. No video games rated higher than TEEN! See the SPL for any questions on that rule. One electronic item per Scout is allowed, coordinate with your patrol leader if you don’t know what else to bring.  Adults and Eagle Scouts will be there to work on and sign off on ADVANCEMENT requirements. Also, elections will be taking place.  Don’t miss out on your chance to vote. Contact the SPL in advance if you plan to run for SPL or PL.  Sign up now. See you there!

-The Doctor

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Movie Camp recap 2014

Troop 5’s first ever Movie Camp was a great success! It was cold and dark when we arrived at camp, the Ranger patrol set up our tents in a little circle. Problem was, no matter where I put down my stakes there was a rock three inches beneath the surface. The remaining patrols hung in their hammocks. After the first freezing night, everything started getting better as it started to get warmer.
When Saturday arrived, we had fun shooting and acting out our mysterious (yet ridiculous) movie. Before we could film we had to plan…we improvised all our lines. We enjoyed cooking our meals, hanging out, heading out to the trading post, playing football and Settlers of Catan.
One-T will have the movie at the next meeting; check it out on YouTube!
– The Doctor

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Toys for Tots – Saturday, December 13, 2014

This year we will be doing our annual service project for Toys for Tots. We will be helping folks carry their bags of toys to their vehicles. This is an excellent way to get service hours for your next rank so be sure to be there.

Unlike previous years, the event this year is taking place on ONE day only. Saturday, December 13 beginning at 8:30 AM and ending around 4:30 PM. You can sign up here and make sure you can get a ride to the toy bay (1250 Ritner Highway).

Please register, even if you are coming to help from another troop, so Santa will know how much pizza to buy for lunch!

Thanks and we hope to see you all there!

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