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Movie Camp recap 2014

Troop 5′s first ever Movie Camp was a great success! It was cold and dark when we arrived at camp, the Ranger patrol set up our tents in a little circle. Problem was, no matter where I put down my stakes there was a rock three inches beneath the surface. The remaining patrols hung in their hammocks. After the first freezing night, everything started getting better as it started to get warmer.
When Saturday arrived, we had fun shooting and acting out our mysterious (yet ridiculous) movie. Before we could film we had to plan…we improvised all our lines. We enjoyed cooking our meals, hanging out, heading out to the trading post, playing football and Settlers of Catan.
One-T will have the movie at the next meeting; check it out on YouTube!
- The Doctor

Toys for Tots – Saturday, December 13, 2014

IMGP6629 This year we will be doing our annual service project for Toys for Tots. We will be helping folks carry their bags of toys to their vehicles. This is an excellent way to get service hours for your next rank so be sure to be there.

Unlike previous years, the event this year is taking place on ONE day only. Saturday, December 13 beginning at 8:30 AM and ending around 4:30 PM. You can sign up here and make sure you can get a ride to the toy bay (1250 Ritner Highway).

Please register, even if you are coming to help from another troop, so Santa will know how much pizza to buy for lunch!

Thanks and we hope to see you all there!

No more submissions accepted at this time.

Veteran’s Dinner – November 20th

On Thursday, November 20th, from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM, we will be helping out at a dinner for veterans at the Elks Lodge in Carlisle. The address is 120 W Ridge St, Carlisle, PA. Each scout will be seated at a different table, and will talk with the veterans at their tables. We will also be supplying them with cookies. Each scout is asked to bring 2 dozen cookies, which should be dropped off at the Brides household by Wednesday, November 18th. Their address is 25 Stony Creek Ct Carlisle PA. Please sign up. It is important to honor these men and women for serving our country.

No more submissions accepted at this time.

Movie Camp

Have you ever wanted to make a movie? Well during Movie Camp, November 7-9, we will be making one. Start your Hollywood career now. Everyone will be able to participate. This will be a first for Troop 5. It will be a blast. Sign up now.

No more submissions accepted at this time.

Download the permission slip!

Flag Ceremony

In what has become a local tradition, the Lewis B. Puller Jr. Marine Corps League Det. 524 of Carlisle Pa. will conduct its’ annual Flag Retirement Ceremony. This year the event is scheduled to be conducted at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC) at 950 Soldiers Drive, Carlisle, PA 17013, on Oct 11, 2014 at 9:30AM. Guest speaker will be the US Army War College Command Sergeant Major CSM Malcolm D. Parrish.

This event has become ingrained in community history as an event to pay homage and tribute to our country, our flag and those who serve it. Those that attend will walk away with a great sense of pride, and learn something they may not have known about our country and our flag. Respect, Honor, and Tradition all will be showcased at this great community event. Please bring any flags that need to be retired to this event.

Please wear your full field uniform!

Camp Putt VII Recap

For those of you scouts who did not go to Camp Putt during the first week of September, you miss a great time and an exciting hike. On Friday, after arriving at the camp, we set up the camp and had a good night’s rest on our hammocks and in the Adirondacks.

On Saturday, we were supposed to eat a good breakfast, get our stuff ready, and leave on time. But somebody was not as fully prepared as he could be. You’ll never guess who that was. We lost about 50 minutes because of that. But the good news was that the walk was all downhill until we hit the trailhead, which was overgrown. When we got to the destination, we filled up our drinks, had great ice cream, had lunch, and threw acorns at 200 fish (for some reason). Then when we headed back to camp, we gained some of the time back. We had plenty of time to take a big rest and have a tasty dinner. Finishing up the day, Troop 88 from Mechanicsburg invited us to go to their campfire. We were all ready to go to the campfire but it turns out that Troop 88 was playing around little too much with their dishes, although they had 22 scouts and we had 9. So sadly we did not have a campfire there or here.

On Sunday, we headed to church service and we only lost one scout on the way. So then I decided to look for him and found him in the middle of the field. After loading and unloading the trailer on the way back to the church, we all ended up having a happy ending relaxing and doing homework (maybe) for the rest of that day.  Because our troop designed the new patch for the Camp, Mr. Hammond gave each scout the patch!

We’ll get photos up soon.


Camp Putt

Sign up today!

Our troop is heading back to Camp Putt on Raystown Lake September 5 – 7, 2014!

There is no cost for this camp other than your patrol food.

This will be our 7th visit to Camp Puttcampputt. We will be hiking up the mountain and taking a look at a great view of Raystown Lake. This will be one of the best campouts you will ever have at Camp Putt. So save up your energy for a nice walk up the mountain.

You better have plenty of water, snacks, a rain poncho, camera, the basic essentials, appropriate footwear, and clothing. You should also bring a daypack to put that stuff in to bring along on the hike. The patrols should bring a cold lunch for the hike.

We will be using both of the Adirondacks. Bring your tents and hammocks just in case there is not enough room in the Adirondacks. You will also have plenty of free time so that you can bring a game or whatever you want on the field or in your tent, hammock, or Adirondack. If you have any questions, please see Woody.

No more submissions accepted at this time.

Float Trip

Get ready to get wet at the 2014 Troop 5 Lazy Creek Float! Our trip is Saturday, August 16, on the Yellow Breeches Creek from Messiah College to McCormick Park. We will be LEAVING the church at 9:30 AM and returning by 4:00 PM.

2014floattrip_03Please bring the following items:

  • A float. The troop has 20 tubes for the trip that will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Other floats include rafts, kayaks, canoes, and logs.
  • Clothes to get wet in (HINT: The microfiber Class B shirt dries quickly)
  • Water shoes (Mesh water shoes, crocs/rubber shoes, or old sneakers – NO FLIPFLOPS)
  • Water bottle (Filled with drinkable water)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat/Buff
  • Towel
  • Water Gun
  • Backup Water Gun

Please signup online or by the August 10 Troop Meeting:

No more submissions accepted at this time.

Contact the Scout-in-Charge, Skittles with any questions.

2014-2015 Goals and Themes

The Patrol Leaders’ Council has set the 2014-2015 Goals for the the troop:

  1. Advance Scouts to 1st Class
  2. Conduct 36 Outdoor Days
  3. Achieve 100% National Honor Patrol
  4. Attend Summer Camp
  5. Recruit & Retain
  6. Conduct 9 Service Days

Our monthly themes and major events for the next year are:

  • Biking – September, Camp Putt
  • Pioneering – October, Pioneer District Camporee
  • Cinema – November, Movie Camp
  • Service – December, Toys for Tots
  • Electronics – January 2015, Electronic Camp
  • Scout Skills – February, Klondike Derby
  • Winter Camping/Climbing – March, Snow Camp and Climbnasium
  • Hiking/Hammocking – April, Hike & Pioneer District Camporee
  • Merit Badges – May, Merit Badge Camporee
  • Recruit & Retain – June, Camp and Troop Shoot, Sea Base
  • Summer Camp – July, Ockanickon Scout Reservation
  • Fun – August, Float Trip
  • Camping – September, Camp Putt
  • Wilderness Survival – October, Wilderness Survival Camp

In addition, the plan includes seven Eagle-required Merit Badges.  We’ll hold a one-day session for Communications and the three Citizenship merit badges, and a two-day event (90 days apart) for the personal development merit badges (Personal Management, Personal Fitness and Family Life).

This plan is still in rough draft, subject to change.  The dates are on the calendar (available online); you should check it out and give your feedback to your patrol leader.  A final, approved plan will be distributed at the next Court of Honor (September 14).

2014 Summer Camp – Ockanickon

UPDATE: We made it back safely and had a great week.  Look for a recap from One T soon.  Here are some more photos!


The date for our 2014 Summer Camp adventure to Dorney Park and Ockanickon Scout Reservation finally arrived!  The scouts met at the church at 9 AM, just in time to interrupt a funeral.  They only had to pack the trailer with their personal gear, so it only took an hour.  Has to be some sort of record!

The trip to Dorney Park was fast and uneventful.  If I heard them talking, I had no clue what they were saying.  It’s like they speak a different language.  One T tried to navigate, but was often distracted by a text message or squirrel or a song.

Once we got into the park, they were off in their buddy pairs, with specific directions to return at a certain time, drink plenty of water, and to not leave the park.  I found a bench to relax.

By 9 PM they were exhausted and ready to get to camp.  So we left by 10 PM, once everyone was located, hydrated, and emptied at the restroom (one last chance for a flushable toilet)!

It only took an hour to get to camp, which was closed, so we got to drive right to our site.  They exited the vehicles, picked a tent, and were out like lights.  Well, most of them.  Some thought Saturday night was supposed to be an all night magic tournament.

Sunday was a peaceful day.  Camp doesn’t officially open until 2 PM, but a staff member stopped by to check us in, take their temperatures (sick kids go home), and give us the tour.  On the tour, we had to do our swim test.  Somehow, I had lost the form from the test we did last week.  Not one scout complained.  Imagine that.  One shower down.

After the tour, they were free until chapel and campfire.  More magic.

The staff puts on the opening campfire, and it was extremely energetic.  The troops will be responsible for the closing campfire.  They better practice!

We were warned at the leaders’ meeting about some storms.  It hit right at bed time.  Thankfully, most of the storm missed us.  They say we are supposed to get six inches of rain before Tuesday.  Ugh!

We woke to no rain.  Sweet!  Off to the Polar Bear Plunge, where all the scouts take a swim (and a shower) before breakfast.  Shower Number Two!

Following breakfast, they were off to their program.  I took the Tenkara for a walk to the bottom of the mountain, and caught a couple of fish.

Mr. Stoner has more photos…I’ll get them from him soon.  Until then, enjoy these…

Check out the Photos!